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Fontana signature – Full height cabinetry

When it comes to designing a luxury contemporary kitchen and living space, every detail matters. From the choice of materials to the layout and functionality, each element contributes to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space.

One design feature that has gained prominence due to the way it elevates the luxury feel of your kitchen is full-height cabinetry. It is not surprising that this has become one of our Fontana signatures. Here we share our insights and technical knowledge about full-height cabinetry.


Full height cabinetry in a warm walnut canaletto is the perfect balance with the Italian marble worksurfaces | Fontana journal


The elegance of full-height cabinetry

The scale of full-height cabinetry, often reaching from floor to ceiling, exudes an air of grandeur. Opening smooth running heavy doors feels luxurious in itself. This design choice is not only visually striking but also highly functional, offering ample storage space for all your kitchen and living essentials.

1. Seamless sophistication

One of the defining characteristics of contemporary luxury kitchens is a clean and seamless design. Full-height cabinetry aligns perfectly with this aesthetic. These cabinets, often devoid of visible handles, create a sleek and unbroken surface that contributes to the kitchen’s sophisticated look. The absence of hardware not only enhances the visual appeal but gives you the opportunity to use a beautiful finish to full effect.

2. Versatile material selection

Luxury contemporary kitchens are known for their premium materials, and this size of cabinetry allows you to showcase these materials to their fullest potential. Whether you prefer the warmth of natural wood, the elegance of a burnished metal, or a sleek lacquer, your choice of cabinetry material sets the tone for the entire space. Full-height cabinets provide an opportunity to display these materials in all their glory.

3. Maximising storage efficiency

In a luxury kitchen, full-height cabinetry offers incredibly generous storage. These cabinets can be customised to include pull-out shelves, deep drawers, and specialised storage solutions for items such as spices, wine, cutlery, utensils, and cookware. The result is a well-organised kitchen where every item has its designated place, contributing to both aesthetics and functionality.

Fontana Arundel Terrace kitchen storage | full height cabinetry | Design as Art | interior architectural design studio

4. Integrated appliances

To maintain the seamless appearance of a luxury contemporary kitchen, many homeowners opt to integrate their appliances into the full-height cabinetry. This means that refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers are concealed behind cabinet doors, creating a cohesive and unbroken visual flow. The result is a kitchen that looks more like a beautifully designed living space than a utilitarian cooking area.

5. Design flexibility

Full-height cabinetry doesn’t mean sacrificing design flexibility. You can incorporate open shelving into your design to display decorative items or showcase your finest china and glassware. This blend of closed and open storage adds depth and character to your kitchen while maintaining the sleekness of full-height cabinets.

6. Lighting ambiance

To enhance the luxury ambiance of your contemporary kitchen, consider adding integrated lighting to your full-height cabinetry. LED lighting can be installed within or underneath the cabinets, providing a soft and atmospheric illumination that also serves a practical purpose by ensuring that your workspace is well-lit.

Full-height cabinetry is a defining feature that offers a perfect blend of form and function. Its seamless design, versatile material choices, efficient storage solutions, and integrated appliances contribute to the overall elegance and functionality of the space. This type of cabinetry is a choice that can truly elevate your kitchen to a luxurious contemporary level. Many kitchen design studios will not go beyond a certain height but at Fontana, we often incorporate full-height cabinetry up to 3m high and can take the height up to 4.2m due to our technical knowledge and design capabilities.

So, if you’re looking to create a kitchen that’s not only a culinary haven but also a visual masterpiece, consider full-height cabinetry. This is a design choice that embodies the essence of luxury in contemporary kitchen design.

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