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Our process is not just about design; it’s an immersive experience. We take our clients on a journey where together we delve into the design, narrative and provenance, resulting in elegant and exceptional spaces.

With an extensive network of Italian artisans and manufacturers, a profound knowledge of materials, and technical expertise, we offer an unparalleled creative journey for our clients.

We provide a seamless and highly personalised service from the beginning of each project to its beautiful conclusion.

Our Philosophy

People are at the heart of our work and creations. We actively listen to our clients to understand them and their cultures and traditions deeply, making each project a highly personalised journey.

Our values revolve around open communication, sharing, and transparency, while art, design, and functionality form the essence of our work.

We’re committed to ongoing research and improvement, embracing every daily challenge. Staying true to our unique approach in both business and life consistently keeps us ahead of the competition.

Combinations of materials are core to our work and we will help clients select those as part of the design process
London kitchen studio - Fontana London review surveys and plans to ensure a smooth installation as part of the process Architect designer

Our Approach

Our approach is based on listening and understanding what our clients’ needs and desires are for their home. Emotions, cultures, and often technical issues that other design firms have said are unsurmountable play a part in the process. Our role is to listen, enhance, be persistant and make things happen for our clients. 


Our starting point is to develop your brief and find out how you want to live in your space.

We want to understand your timescale, budget and expectations, and see the space. 

All your inspirations and ideas are a key part of the process. We draw on all of this and translate it into an initial design and present this to you.

When we meet again, we will have technical drawings, renders, samples, production costs, and a schedule including production and installation.


Dennis and Michael will review the technical performance of each component and material in the design, improving the design where required. 

At this stage, we often resolve technical issues that no other design firm can and enhance manufacturers’ designs with our personalised design for your home.

We want to show you the provenance and history behind what we are creating for you by taking you to see where all the elements are made and sourced from. Join us on a trip to Italy to see the artisans and makers we will be using and take ownership of the story.


The manufacturing begins and we oversee all the production for you, handling all the different artisans and manufacturers involved in the project.  

Dennis or Michael remain your main point of contact throughout and they will check the finishes, materials, design and assembly before your joinery is despatched to your home for installation.


The final technical drawings, drawing packs, surveys and measurements of your project are checked ahead of manufacture by our Installations Manager Samuel.

Samuel then fits and installs all Fontana private residential projects and closely oversees the wider installation team for housebuilder and multiple projects.

Once installed, we will pay a final visit to see the completed project with you living and enjoying it. 

One year on, we revisit with a fitter to check all the joinery is functioning well, and door and drawer alignment. 

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Design as art

Discover how every space created by Fontana is crafted individually. Each one is an authentic expression of our client’s vision and personality.