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Fontana redefines customisation by designing an immersive experience tailored to your vision and lifestyle, where you will embark on an exciting journey toward conceiving the space you desire and take an active part in its creation from the very beginning up to the final stages of the process. 

Our Philosophy

People are at the heart of our work and creations. We actively listen to our clients to understand them and their cultures and traditions deeply, making each project a highly personalised journey.

Our values revolve around open communication, sharing, and transparency, while art, design, and functionality form the essence of our work.

We’re committed to ongoing research and improvement, embracing every daily challenge. Staying true to our unique approach in both business and life consistently keeps us ahead of the competition.

Combinations of materials are core to our work and we will help clients select those as part of the design process
London kitchen studio - Fontana London review surveys and plans to ensure a smooth installation as part of the process Architect designer

Our Approach

Our approach is based on listening and understanding what our clients’ needs and desires are for their home. Emotions, cultures, and often technical issues that other design firms have said are unsurmountable play a part in the process. Our role is to listen, enhance, be persistant and make things happen for our clients.


Defining yourself

Instead of trying to define you and tell you what you need, at Fontana, we prefer to listen: we will ask you about your desires, your taste, your daily habits, and your expectations. We will truly get to know so that we can design a living space that is authentically conceived around your lifestyle.


Envisioning your space

Your inspirations and ideas are at the heart of what we do. Based on the extent to which you are willing to get involved, we will be glad to include you in every step of the process, starting from the initial design. By reviewing our technical drawings and renders together, we will get closer and closer to what you have in mind and set a timescale and a budget.


Choosing the materials

With us, there will be no catalogue to choose from, just our deep and extensive knowledge of materials and design solutions: everything will be conceived with you in mind. You will have the opportunity to join us on a journey to Italy to see where we source our materials and meet our artisans and makers in person. This will allow you to have a deeper insight and appreciation into how your new living space is being created, and to be inspired with new ideas and visions.


Crafting and installing

As your space gradually takes shape, we will be in touch constantly, overseeing the production and handling all the different artisans and manufacturers involved. We will check and review the finishes, the materials, the design, and the assembly, keeping you in the loop to make sure that reality truly matches your desires, right up until installation is completed. Still, our job will only be done once we see you experience and enjoy your new space, because that is key to assessing and possibly improving the success of our project.
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Design as art

Discover how every space created by Fontana is crafted individually. Each one is an authentic expression of our client’s vision and personality.