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Our expertise and passion for design is reflected in the wide choice of materials available to you at Fontana. Our extensive network of artisans, workshops, suppliers and craftspeople is at our clients’ disposal. This breadth of choice of materials and finishes is core to achieving the design, look, feel and atmosphere you desire.

Palette One | Fontana materials

Palette One

Oak | Copper & Iron | Marble
Palette Two | Fontana

Palette Two

Lacquered Glass  |  Marble  | Copper
Palette Three | Fontana

Palette Three

Silver Oak  |  Glass  |  Marble  | Steel
Materials Fontana London - there is a story in every detail that Fontana chooses for a luxury interior design project

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Palette Four | Fontana materials

Palette Four

Lacquers  |  Iron |  Cedar  | Copper  |  Marble
Palette Five | Fontana

Palette Five

Lacquers  |  Oak  |  Marble  | Bronze
Palette Six | Fontana materials

Palette Six

Reclaimed Oak  |  Lacquer  |  Glass  |  Quartz
Palette Seven | Fontana

Palette Seven

White Lacquer  |  Walnut  |  Gold  |  Satin Metal
Palette Eight | Fontana

Palette Eight

Smoked Chestnut  |  Stainless Steel  |  Lacquer  |  Marble
Materials Fontana - Michael Gianquitto reviews textured surfaces for Fontana London design projects

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Palette Nine | Fontana materials

Palette Nine

Green Ebony  |  Antique Satin Brass  |  Ecomalta®  |  Quartz
Palette Ten | Fontana materials

Palette Ten

Smoked Elm  |  Bronze  |  Ecomalta®  |  Burnished Brass

Palette Eleven | Fontana materials

Palette Eleven

Raw Oak  |  Gold  |  Teal Lacquer  |  Soapstone

Additional example material palettes

Beaconsfield Detail edge | Fontana — Design as Art
Detail corner edge | Fontana — Design as Art

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